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We are glad you are considering LIFE Recovery for your recovery journey. Many of the answers to the questions below can be found through the documents you will receive on admission. For now, we have highlighted a few of the more common questions & encourage you to reach out to the staff for more details.

  • Can I come to the program?
    You must be female and 19 years of age or older.
  • What is your program like?
    Completion of the program is when the following has been achieved: 12 steps of AA, 10 classes of Bible Study, 10 sessions of Art Therapy, 10 sessions of a Joyce Meyers study, 8 sessions of Boundaries, Relapse Prevention and a Recovery plan. Throughout the week, clients will attend mandatory AA and NA meetings. If outside counselling is required (e.g. trauma) this is set up through our staff.
  • What is LIFE's approach to recovery?
    LIFE is a Christian organization that follows the 12 step approach. There is not an expectation that you will become a Christian however, you will be expected to participate in all programs and activities including church services, Bible study and times of prayer.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The cost per day of living at our First Stage residence is $110.00.
  • How long is your program?
    The LIFE Recovery program is a minimum of 90 days.
  • Is smoking allowed in the program?
    LIFE Recovery's program is meant to be free of any addictive substance including tobacco and vaping products.
  • Can I use my medications while in the program?
    Our physician will review your list of medications to determine if these are appropriate while living at our residence. Medication use and storage is monitored by our staff.
  • Can I see a Doctor while I’m in the program?
    We have an in-house doctor that visits our home bi-weekly. All other health care visits, including doctors, dentists, and optometrists, can be scheduled through the office by submitting a written request. These appointments will be scheduled outside of program time and will be at the discretion of leadership.
  • Will the Doctor renew my prescription if I’m from out of town?
    Please bring your Service BC (Care Card) and medical record with you to ensure that prescribed medications and treatment plans can continue without interruption.
  • Can I visit my family?
    Policy is updated regularly according to COVID-19 restrictions. Please speak directly with our staff for current policies.
  • Can I bring my cell phone?
    You can access to your cell phone after 45 days.
  • Will I have access to the phone?
    After 21 days you have access to the house phone and are allowed to call your children (18 and under) between 5:30p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the staff office. We'll assist you as needed for calls to the government, your doctor or your lawyer.
  • Can I come to LIFE Recovery if I’m on bail, probation or parole?"
    Decisions are made on a case by case basis after reviewing current conditions of release. We have the right to discharge any client from our program if they are not able to adhere to our rules, policies or procedures.
  • What should I bring with me?
    1 suitcase and one handbag Any required medications. Bathrobe, slippers Toiletries, soap, shampoo conditioner etc. *Any mouthwash must be alcohol-free (e.g., Clear Choice). Enough clothing for at least one week (clothing should be comfortable, modest, and conservative – no bare stomach, short shorts or miniskirts; no defamatory images, no skulls or cross bones, messages or inappropriate language). Comfortable walking shoes, rain wear or umbrella, loose clothing for exercise and outings. Reading material, pens and pencils. You may bring a radio, CD player (cannot have a screen) for personal use only. Do not bring a mobile device, pager, TV, stereo, computer, camera, DVD or MP3 player with a screen or electronic equipment.
  • Can I bring my vehicle?
    We do not have sufficient parking or storage space for client vehicles.
  • What things are banned?
    Drugs-Soboxone, Methadone, Benzodiazepine or mood altering prescriptions, CBD Oil, Medical Marijuana . Alcohol Cigarettes/Pipes/Cigars/E-cigs/Vaporizers Weapons Drug Paraphernalia Porn Animals
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