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Third Stage Home

The third stage home is a safe, affordable housing option for women who the desire a community that holds them accountable to abstinence on a longer-term basis. The home is open to women who are mature in their addiction recovery process, have completed a twelve-step addiction recovery program & desire more independent living with arms-length accountability.


Ideal candidates are those from LIFE Recovery’s first stage but graduates from other programs will be considered. While there is the most independence in this home, clients are still expected to do the household/property management chores in the upkeep of the home.


If you are ready to begin the process of recovery, you can apply here.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Healing Highlights

Affordable, safe, sober housing

Continuous, 24/7 accountability in a loving community

Length of stay: client-counsellor joint decision (usually years)

Shared responsibilities (home-up keep)

Weekly 1:1 counselling with an addiction-specialized counsellor

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